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What is Amazon Vine Program? Here’s Why You Should Enrol as a Seller.

Amazon is the largest e-marketplace, with a never-ending circle of features, discounts, and all the best perks in one place. This isn’t just bound for the employees, sellers, and vendors but the buyers as well. Apart from the discounts and offers, a buyer is as privileged with the Amazon Vine Program. 

Since Amazon has banned paid reviews with incentives based on the products, the Vine Program is the right program to opt for. This builds more engagement within the platform towards greater product visibility. 

Ever thought that dropping a review for a product can mean much more than just rating a product? Well, based on the reviews and how far did it go to help the buyers in understanding a product, you’re ranked! 

Let’s get started with the basics of the Amazon Vine Program. 

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What is Amazon Vine Program? 

The Amazon Vine Program is meant for sellers towards building their potential brand, buyers play an important role as they drop reviews. For a highly-ranked and well-established brand, reviews matter a lot. 

The more the number of positive reviews, the more visibility it gets on the platform. Here’s when the buyers take over with their honest and positive reviews. 

With every month as the rankings get updated, the number of reviews gets high proportionally. People who write reviews change the whole game and hence, they are ‘invited’ to enrol in the Amazon Vine Program and mind you, this is an ‘invite-only’ program. 

If you’re a trusted reviewer, Amazon will invite you to join their Vine Program for pre-released products. Now this perk is privileged with multiple benefits that we’ll come across in this blog. 

As a buyer, if your reviews are visible under a product which is enrolled in the program, you’ll get a ‘Vine voice’ tag beside your name. 

Who are privileged with Amazon Vine Program? 

The beginners or registered brands, small business owners, and existing owners with little or no reviews on Amazon must start with the Amazon Vine Program. 

With an increase in trusted, unbiased and honest reviews, you’re most likely to boost sales, brand awareness and visibility. Most of these are also made possible with verified users and reviews. 

In this blog, you’ll learn more about the Amazon Vine Program and study the ways to increase reviews on your products. 

Eligibility criteria to enrol in Amazon Vine Program and How to enrol.

To start with, you need to be a seller with a registered brand on Amazon. Secondly, the motif is to move your brand to the top with the program for which your brand needs to fulfil the mentioned criteria;

  1. The products must not exceed more than 30 reviews. 
  2. The products must have a product title, description and images on the listing page.  
  3. Your products should be available in new condition under FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which is a process of 3 steps. 
  4. The products must be launched at the time of enrolment.  
  5. The product must be available with a well-managed inventory.  
  6. It should not be an adult product. 

Note: Please note that bulky items, combo packs or items that need another companion to function for a review are not eligible. For example, if you buy a pack of blue ink lids, it cannot be used individually. It rather requires a pen to be used. 

If your products meet all the above-mentioned requirements, then congratulations! Enrol your brand for the Amazon Vine Program now with the following steps,

  • On the Amazon Seller Central homepage, log in to your registered account. 
  • In the ‘Advertising’ tab, click on the ‘Vine’ option and you’ll be directed to the Vine dashboard. 
  • Type the product ASIN you want to enrol in along with the number of units you desire to be visible for the Vine Voice. Make sure that the limit is 30. 
  • Once you enrol for the ASIN, you can keep track of your enrolment process from the ‘details’ tab.  

Note: The previously existing enrolment limit was 60. Amazon has updated the limit which is now 200, making it much easier for the sellers to grow as a brand.   

You have 3 tiers of enrolling on the program.  

  1. Basic level: You can register 5 product ASINs
  2. Plus level: You can enrol for 10 product ASINs
  3. Premium level: You can register for about 20 product ASINs 

Should a seller enrol in the program? Perks of enrolling in the Amazon Vine Program. 

As a seller, your motive is to nurture your creation with visibility, growth, and recognition. The idea does not stop there, you must also aspire to see your brand in various other countries to seek more audience and buyers. 

To keep an eye on the multiple perks of being a part of the Amazon Vine Program, a seller must enrol and take advantage towards building a powerful brand. 

If a seller does so, listed are the perks they’ll be privileged with:

1. Boosted sales with better visibility

It takes time to have an uplifted opportunity to make your brand more visible and do an enormous amount of sales on the very first attempt. Taking small baby steps is what we believe in. 

With enough patience and keeping an eye on the records, your brand is likely to increase sales and become more visible. There are multiple factors on Amazon which take your brand to the top, and the Vine Program is one of them that boosts sales with visibility around the marketplace.      

2. Quality feedback with positive reviews   

Almost all the buyers on Amazon check out the reviews and rating section to make sure that the product they’re buying is a good bought. Reviews and ratings both play an important part in enhancing the buying journey of the buyers. 

The Amazon Vine Program lets your brand gain more video reviews, positive feedback and ratings once you enrol your product in the same. 

Even if a buyer is casually your products on Amazon, there’s a higher chance of them buying your product due to the reviews, both written and video reviews. These reviews build trust and engagement!    

3. Increased brand awareness

As the sales go up, higher conversions follow. If you have well-detailed product content (title, description and bullet pointers), you’re most likely to get ranked due to the Amazon SEO algorithm, creating brand awareness. 

As the idea remains to do well in the numbers, brand awareness also brings in profit. Increased popularity and your brand keywords also affect your presence in the market. 

If you run ads, nothing can stop your brand from stepping down to the top with brand awareness, visibility and positive conversions!    

4. Higher ranking and conversion rates

Your brand is likely to be visible on the top with the most relevant and common keywords people search with. The points we’ve covered previously, explain how can contribute to a successful brand. 

Similarly, the next destination towards a power brand is high rankings and higher conversion rates.

As you search a keyword, you can visibly witness your products on the top. People, instead of scrolling more, tend to buy the product they saw on the top. They are rich in honest reviews, high-definition images and videos, along with the Vine program.      

Changed your mind? Cancel your enrollment with these simple steps

If you’ve changed your mind, fret not, you can cancel your enrollment at any time and it’s as simple! 

Follow the mentioned steps if you want to cancel your enrollment. 

  • Go to the main homepage of your Amazon Seller Central. 
  • Click on the ‘Advertising’ tab and choose the ‘Vine’ option.
  • From the available products, choose a product you don’t want to avail of the enrollment for. Click on the ‘Details’ option right next to the product.
  • On the bottom right corner of the page, you’ll see a ‘Cancel Enrollment’ option. Click on it. 

Product Restrictions for Enrolling in the Program

While we avail of perks and benefits on a well-known platform, we need to follow the basics. Amazon allows a wide range of products but not all of them are eligible to be included in certain programs. 

Similarly, the Amazon Vine Program have product restrictions on a few pointers that we need to address, before enrolling one. Here’s how

  • You cannot enrol a product that requires Amazon to bundle for review or delivery. 
  • You cannot enrol a product that requires the reviewers to order products separately to use them. 

For example, you cannot enrol a ball pen lid, which requires a pen to use it. You also cannot use an ink cartridge which requires a print machine for the review. 

  • Products that are- sold in packages, bulk and heavy, dropship items or sample goods cannot be enrolled.  

Make sure you tick all the boxes that apply and enrol your products for a successful brand!  

Get more reviews! Here’s How-

While we’ve covered everything about Amazon Vine Program, we also need to understand and apply how to get more reviews on our product! This very tool is undoubtedly beneficial for product rankings but let’s read through on how to get more reviews.

As mentioned earlier, the more the review, the more brand engagement, visibility, ranking and buyers you’ll get. These buyers are made with trustworthiness created by honest reviews. 

Some reviews are so detailed and honest that they also post videos and pictures of the products, which helps the other buyers on the platform as well. Certainly, not all of them post reviews. 

We have a tool to avail that looks after the lacunas for sure, but by putting in a little more effort, we can get reviews with a few simple steps;

1. Providing outstanding customer service

Here’s the key to all the honest and best reviews! If your brand attends all those calls, replies to emails and is highly attentive, congrats, because it might just not be the product but your service. 

Very often we visit a restaurant and get home disappointed with the food. We post reviews honestly but we never forget to mention that humble and well-behaved waiter who attended you giving his best. 

Hence, providing excellent customer service brings you honest reviews and a brand image.   

2. Use Amazon’s Request a Review button

This feature allows you to request reviews manually for each of your orders within 30 days of your purchase. The feature is easily made possible with just one click.

This is a proven and trusted feature for a beginner. It’s a time taking process for sure but helps in getting what exactly you wanted.  

3. Amazon Product Inserts

Creativity never disappoints. The very thought takes Amazon and the available products to the next level with product inserts. 

Whether it’s a small business or a well-established one, insert a card with engaging content, subtly asking your buyer to drop a review. 

However, you can fully utilise your product insert with gift cards, codes with discounts on the next purchase, puzzle, or information related to your product. Clear and interactive communication with the buyer is a big thumbs up. 

Summing up, enrolling for the Amazon Vine Program is a plus as we mentioned in this blog! 

Summing Up..

Amazon Vine Program is a feature we did not know we needed. No matter what, these perks and benefits are to be taken seriously while keeping an eye on the reviews. Like every other feature, Vine Program has limitations as well. 

You might have a pay extra as a seller and you’re open to mixed and negative reviews. But, once you’re on it, all eyes are on the increasing conversion rates and brand awareness! 

Stay updated with more such insights on Amazon, Walmart and eBay with TechSurvi.   

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