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At Tech Survi, we strive to help our clients stay ahead of the competition by keeping their brands optimized. We do more than just help create ideal product pages; we also perform ongoing optimization to help maintain our clients’ ranking. This way, they can continue to provide the best possible experience for their customers.

Go From Surviving To Thriving

Our Product Launch service covers:
Keywords & Product Title

A well-drafted product title with relevant keywords, increase your chances to reach out to a bigger audience. We focus more on drafting the titles for boosting sales and increasing visibility.  

Bullet Points

It’s only the bullet points that make your product stand out with relevant information about the product. We also add keywords related to the product for the ranking, which is a game changer. 

Product Description

Our SEO and Content experts work on the search terms and keywords. Then the words are added to the product description with precision and conciseness, with more keywords than any other section.

Product Images

High-quality product images and engaging A+ content give a better buying experience to the customers. We make sure to work on these fields to increase the chances of customers buying your products. 

Product Videos

We make sure we add engaging videos for their uses, benefits, dimensions or product understanding. It’s the best way to boost conversion rate and traffic for more visibility regarding product information.

Amazon Reviews

While we work on your listings according to the Amazon A10 algorithm to increase the ranking, the customer reviews bring about a change. Reviews build trust and result in higher conversion rates.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Optimize Product Listing on Amazon?

When it comes to Amazon product optimization, there are several key factors to keep in mind. To really get your listing optimized, you’ll want to make sure that you regularly monitor and update the following sections:

  • Strategic Product Title
  • Well-written Product Descriptions
  • High-Quality Product Images
  • Thoroughly researched backend keywords

Ongoing evaluations are crucial to climbing the search results and staying there. By regularly monitoring these key areas, you can make sure that your product listing is as optimized as possible.

How do I get my product noticed on Amazon?
A systematically optimised product listing and an efficient PPC campaign. These two practices improve the chances of visibility and searchability.
What makes a good product page?
Product page consists of :
  • High-quality images
  • Answered questions
  • Backend Keywords
  • Customer support
  • Keyword researched content (title, listings, bullet points)
  • Genuine positive reviews
You can catch brownie points by including:
  • Amazon Brand Storefront
  • EBC Content
  • Product Videos
How did we ensure the best Amazon Product Listing Optimization?

There are nine sets of parameters that can break or boost the process of Amazon Product listing optimization. They are:

  • Listing quality
  • Keywords they used
  • Number of images they used
  • ASIN index
  • Number of characters used in the product title
  • The way bullet points were featured
  • The way the product was described
  • Number of reviews and ratings it had
  • Whether it was Fulfilled by Amazon or not
How does product listing optimization impact customer decision journey?

The consumer decision journey is the process consumers use to decide which products to purchase for themselves or others. There are four important elements that sellers need to improve in order to be successful: availability, findability, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and postpurchase experience.

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