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Solutions To Secure Your Brand

Tech Survi puts up the important protection needed to save your listing from common nuisances. This includes counterfeit products, unauthorized sellers, fake reviews, and much more. The faster you take measures to avoid these, the faster and stronger you may develop your brand on the Amazon marketplace.

Don’t let hijackers and counterfeiters impede your business’s growth. Defend your brand by allying with our team.

Protect The Brand You Built

You’ve put everything into building your brand. Let’s work together to protect it.
Close Monitoring

Our understanding in the field and vigilance in monitoring your brand account and activities allow us to identify the presence of such sellers long earlier than they could do any damage.

Immediate Measures

Our potential to spot fraudulent business practices and the entities behind them and act on it as soon as we’ve showed their presence, we immediately perform measures under Amazon FBA guidelines. 

Reliable Protection

Considering our training and dedication in delivering consequences that meet your expectancies, anticipate us to be your first line of protection against any threat inside the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to protect your brand on Amazon?
Ways to protect your brand from unauthorized sellers on Amazon :
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Awareness of strange product reviews
  • Bundle your products
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Custom Logos and Packaging

Using these strategies and sources available to you through Amazon is a top notch way to get going.

Is Amazon responsible for counterfeit?

Amazon has also launched several initiatives to help brand owner protect their assets on its platform:

  • Amazon Brand Registry

  • Amazon Transparency

  • Amazon IP Accelerator

  • Amazon Project Zero

How do I get people to stop selling my brand on Amazon?
Monitoring your listings efficiently is fundamental to stopping terrible actors from selling your products on Amazon. Without right Amazon brand monitoring and protection solution and approach, counterfeits, IP infringements, and fake evaluations might damage your brand without your know-how.

With numerous sellers on Amazon, it’s far tough, if not impossible, to manually detect the listings, so getting expert help is encouraged. With

Tech Survi’s Amazon Brand Protection solutions, we are able to detect IP infringements in real time on Amazon.

What level of brand protection is right for me? 

We meet our customers wherein they opt to manage their business. Use our services to surely highlight your touchpoints and automate reporting, or engage our group for full-service safety. Whatever path is proper on for brand, Tech Survi has you covered.

What proactive and reactive strategies do i need to protect my brand?
  • Unauthorized seller and gray market strategy development

  • Evaluation of existing agreements and direction on internet authorization policy best practices

  • MAP policy violation monitoring

  • Amazon Brand Registry support and guidance

  • Digital ID technology to ensure product authenticity and eliminate counterfeits

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