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Suspension Protection Program

If you’re selling on Amazon, Account Suspension is your biggest issue.  We understand how catastrophic unexpected Amazon issues can be to your business, especially suspensions. Tech Survi’s Suspension Protection Program is like shopping for insurance in your Amazon seller account. We actively display your account overall performance for items that could trigger the suspension and act at once that will help you reinstate your listing or account whilst it’s unpreventable.

Peace Of Mind For Your Amazon Sales Channel

Our Suspension Protection Program covers:
Account Creation Failure

Seller accounts can get suspended even during account creation. Allow our team to assist you from getting verified to setting up your account and listing so that you can start selling in no time.

Poor Seller Performance

Your account may be suspended for the following reasons:
1. Order Defect Rate Above 1%
2. Late Shipment Rate Above 4%
3. Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate Above 2.5%

Violation of Amazon Policies

Possible reasons for your suspension:
Account Verification, Multiple Accounts, Seller Identity, Forged Documentation, ASIN Creation, ASIN Variation, Review Manipulation, Selling Restricted/ Prohibited Items

IP Complaints Resolution

In case you have received notice of IP rights infringement from Amazon, we are skilled to withdraw the complaint and appeal to Amazon legal in order to get your account reinstated.

Brand Protection

It’s important to set up all efforts to guard your brand due to the rise in counterfeiters and hijackers. Our team assists in filing for copyrights, trademarks & patent.

Recovery of Damages

Deceitfully accused of selling counterfeit products? Let our legal experts help you file legal claims and recover damages from brands that filed false complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Amazon reinstate our account for Sure?
Our team will provide you with an efficient plan of action and assistance, but sadly we cannot assure you of the outcome of the case due to the nature of the business.
How much time does Amazon takes usually to respond To the Appeal?
The seller performance team usually responds in 1-2 days, however depending upon the number of entities (queue) it can take up to 1-2 weeks as well.
If our account won’t reinstated? What about refund Policy?

It’s pretty apparent to consider our payment which might be stuck due to suspension of account, but you can be assured that the payment will not be stuck there as soon as 90 days are over, Amazon will transfer the amount in your bank account.

Can you help me even after Amazon has told me ‘We have decided that you may no longer sell on Amazon?

Sure! We try our level best even if Amazon has given their final decision. Our team will fight with effective Point Of Action to get it reinstated.

Will you instruct us to submit the appeal letter in the process?

Yes, definitely based on the notification and case we will instruct that we have to send the plan of Action.

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